Call for Experience

ConStructPeirce Workshop

Hosted by the Houghton Library at Harvard, July 20-21, 2014

Peirce scholars and Peirce-inspired computer technology researchers
will investigate Peirce's challenge, referring to his manuscript corpus:

... no human being could ever put together the fragments.  I could not do so myself
(CSP MS 302, 1903).

We now have the opportunity to collaborate and use capabilities that
Peirce could only imagine when he posed the practical question:

... how much the business of thinking a machine could possibly be made
to perform, and what part of it must be left to the living mind (CSP MS 831, 1887)

We plan to:

And we will conjecture how he might represent and extend his own ideas today,
using technology developed in the past 100 years.

Updated September 20, 2014